The Cranmer Group, as part of The Church of England, aims to be an authentic and accessible Christian community that faithfully worships and serves God.

We believe that God’s love leads Him to make Himself known through His Son, Jesus Christ, whose story is told in the Bible.

It is our joy to help people know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and we wish lovingly to support, nurture and encourage belief.
As disciples of Jesus, we strive to be faithful to God’s Word. We recognise that the Good News is life-changing, and this begins with us.
As we reach out through service in our communities, we seek to respond with gratitude to all that God has done for us in Jesus by living lives that match the words that we speak.
We are here to:
  • Serve and worship God in all we do;
  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others by word and deed.
We believe that:
  • The great truth of life is to be found in the reality of God who wants to be known and is knowable;
  • Jesus is the Son of God;
  • God is love and loves all His creation;
  • God speaks to us through His written Word – the Bible.
We want others to see us as:
  • Loving, cheerful and confident in our beliefs;
  • Committed and united;
  • Living our lives in the way that Jesus wants;
  • Willing to meet others wherever they are in their life and faith journey.
We live out our faith by:
  • Praying and studying the Bible;
  • Gathering together for worship, teaching and related activities;
  • Confidently communicating what we believe and listening humbly and respectfully to what others say;
  • Being obedient to God in personal conduct and the service of others.
We do all of this:
  • Anywhere and everywhere – there can be no ‘no-go’ areas;
  • To enable us to bloom wherever God places us.