Heritage Project Update & Open Evening Invite

Everyone is very warmly invited to our Heritage Open Evening on Monday 3rd July at 7.00pm.

This will be an opportunity for anyone who hasn’t done so to see the completed works inside and out, ask questions and hear about what was involved and learn about what is still to be achieved.

As you will be aware from previous updates the major works to repair and improve the church were finally completed at the beginning of March this year. All this was made possible by a Heritage Lottery grant of £124,000 and five smaller grants amounting to £13,000.

Completion was just in time for our hugely successful ‘Service of Thanksgiving for the Life and Legacy of Ethel Gordon Fenwick‘ on 12th March. (On which note an enormous thank you again to everyone who helped clean and decorate the church with the beautiful flowers and provide the much talked about refreshments!).

However the project is far from over. Under the conditions of our Heritage Lottery Funding the next stage is due to start involving the use of the church as a ‘heritage resource’. The Open Evening will be a chance to hear more about this and if you wish to, how to get involved, especially those of you who were kind enough to respond to the survey we put round some months ago.

Getting involved though is not compulsory! Please feel free to come just for a look round and hear the progress on what is happening. We are always tremendously grateful of the village support we receive from people who are not regular church goers but non the less see St. Helena’s as an important part of village life and wish to see the future of the church safeguarded for many years to come. So please do join us if you can.

If anyone can’t make the evening but would like to know more please contact Nick Finlay 850912 (Church Warden) or Rob Knight 851264.

We look forward to seeing you on 3rd July.

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